Stripped – Muddy Heels: Teaser

After some thought, I’ve decided to publish Muddy Heels to my blog. After 24 chapters and an almost complete novel, this has been the most enjoyable and exciting story I’ve written so far – I want everyone to be able to read it right here! Plus Wattpad is proving to be pretty worthless.

Just be aware, it does have some adult content, but if the following teaser doesn’t scare you off, you’re in for a wild ride. 🙂  Chapter 1 will be posted soon – looking forward to bringing you into this world:

You probably won’t like me; you may find me degrading.

You probably won’t like him either; he likes the degraded.

My story is like the bloody t-bone ripped violently from a wild beast, now sitting auspiciously by a carnivorous fire:

Blunt, raw, and tantalizing.

It starts the night I catch his luring needy eyes to the day I put it all on the line to chase a ridiculous and childish daydream.

Though I feel him, hear him, and want him, I can’t claw my way deep enough into the web of his psyche to find the subtle secret he holds. And for one simple reason:

I don’t know who he is.

Click here to go to Chapter 1



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