Fifty Shades of Grey – All I Have to Say

I found this article today by one of my favorite writers, James Altucher. He writes mainly about business and investing but has a plethora of fantastic articles on self-help and just general perspectives. I saw that he’d written an article about one of the most controversial – and one of my favorite – book series of all time and I had to read it right away!!! I’m glad to see that, once again, he and I see eye-to-eye.

See, I think the Fifty Shades trilogy is fantastic. Was I blown away by the writing? No. Did I want to throw the book at the wall at least five times per chapter? Absolutely.

Luckily, I had a dear friend that encouraged me to keep reading despite the fact that I (a) Wanted to gouge Christian’s eyes out through most of the first book for being a manipulative dickhead and (b) got really tired of every characters lips being constantly “pressed into a hard line”.

But see, as readers – and especially writers – we can be a bit arrogant. We think that people who don’t follow all the grammar and story format rules (or maybe don’t know them at all) don’t have any interesting stories to tell. And I think E.L. James is just the epitomous (is that a word??) example of how wrong we are. Even with perfect grammar, amazing prose, and crystal clear descriptions, I’m quite confident that no one could have written the story of Christian and Ana with the appeal that James did. When you get a compelling writer, you get the whole package. And you either stuff your ego and dive into the depths of insanity and intrigue that are Ana and Christian, or you miss out on something amazing and continue to believe you walk on water.

For a solid analysis of why Fifty Shades of Grey is great literature, take a look at James Altucher’s article. It hits the nail on the head (or the head on the nail, as drunk Ana would say).

Oh, and just so you know, if you haven’t read the books yet, your instincts to bash Christian’s skull in with a lead pipe will start to dissipate towards the end of book one and definitely into book two. This is part of the stories appeal – can people really change? Can fucked up men find ways to have healthy relationships? And would you ever want to be the woman who has fallen in love with one of them?

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