I’m Officially a “Writer”, So They Say

According to Facebook anyways…lol.

For months everyone has been telling me I need a Facebook page.

You need one, Jane! They said, So people can find you and follow you!

And the fact is, I have so many freaking projects going on right now that I kind of need one place to post them all. I’m even thinking about starting a podcast where I just blab about stuff for no real purpose. Obviously everyone is going to want to hear that! And my personal Facebook page isn’t going to work for that so… here it is! Do me a solid and throw a “like” my way if you don’t mind. I’m not a lover of self-promotion, but to be a writer (or as I’d love to be, a songwriter), ya gots ta do it.

P j Haynie on Facebook

Hell, while I’m at it, here’s my Twitter handle too!

Also, feel free to email me if you want to collaborate, chat, or share your work!



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