What is Writers of the Rain?

Writers of the Rain, first and foremost, is my portal for sharing my literary inspiration. I will post excerpts from stories I’m writing that could span from the length of one sentence to an entire chapter (novel synopses are included below). You’ll get each story in bits – sort of like following several different TV series!

I’d also love to receive feedback from anyone who connects with my characters or has editing suggestions. In return, please share with me your stories and excerpts as well. I will provide editing recommendations and post my favorites to this blog to share with everyone. 

Here are some quick summaries of the current stories I’m working on. I will indicate in each post which story I’m adding to. As well, all of your contributions will be appropriately attributed to you with a link to your blog or published work.


The storyline of Tilly is still rather broad: it’s a story of a young girl in her mid teens who grew up with her sister as an orphan in a small mountain town in Europe. She is intrigued by well-known stories of a journey up a nearby mountain that is often taken by the more rebellious citizens; it is known to be treacherous and deadly, and those that return to town rarely come back the same person they were when they left. When Tilly’s sister unexpectedly embarks on the journey, her fear for her sister’s life drives her to follow suit – leading her to discover some very dark sides of herself.

Miss Taylor

This novel follows the sordid life of a female serial killer who lives a life akin to the mythical succubus – attracting lovers and then murdering them. As the story unravels, the audience begins to become aware that the main character’s distorted reality is colored by a mental illness – the cause of which is obscure. The real world becomes increasingly apparent as she deals with and attempts to recover from her psychosis.

Balancing Savagery

In this novel, we follow the story of a young college-age girl, Sadie, who lives on an island off the coast of Africa where she owns a local cabana. Not far from her own island exists another island where a tribe of foreigners lives very undisciplined, unruly lives fraught with violence and a distinct lack of leadership. The crux of Sadie’s fascination with this “savage” people and her own impulsivity leads her barreling into a painful and humbling captivity where she is forced to reconsider the reality she always knew.


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